Startups: Switzerland’s New Graduate Program

Swiss students have dispersed the summer holidays. Among those graduating and entering the job market, a new trend is emerging. More and more young people are founding startups.

Startup holds the key to happiness

Glinz & Company portfolio startup holds the key to happiness!

Watch Ofer explaining the business model on . Nice exposure.
Happify co-founder Ofer Leidner on his platform that aims to better people’s lives.


Glinz & Company – Open for business

Put Digital at the Heart of your Business

Digital transformation consulting can help you identify the gaps between where you are and where you need to be… and finally shows you how to close them.

Drawing on more than a decade of experience with major, global management consultancies, Daniel Glinz can support defining your digital strategy. In particular regarding:

  • Digital Business & Operating Models
  • Social Media & Collaboration
  • Analytics & Big Data
  • Multichannel & Mobile
  • Digital Marketing & Customer Experience
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Legendary Season Start

Mint conditions on the Hochybrig Monday slopes

Accenture Interactive: The New Face of Marketing

… because I like corporate media.

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Der Ernst des Lebens – Was auf die Ohren aus Sagogn #SUWSG

…anlässlich eines freiwilligen Arbeitswochendes @ StartUp Weekend reflektiert, dass Stress wohl relativ ist:

soundDank an Jasmine und ans Grischa!



Your pocket guide to Berlin – der kleene, schnieke

Everybody loves Berlin. There are loads of lovely bars, clubs, pop-up stores, brunch spots and even more less known, hidden places. That’s why I want to share a compelling list of bars, clubs and restaurants – places to be for a trip to Berlin of at leat one week. Continue Reading →

Imagine Costa Rica

This short video tribute is the answer to my extended trip to fascinating Costa Rica. Continue Reading →

From social to sale – the art of defining conversions

Even if a heuristic approach for social media activities is promising, a solid strategy in the social web must be based on clear targets. This again asks for a sophisticated approach to define business objectives and to track conversions.

Some digital marketing activities such as coupon campaigns allow already for decent ROI-tracking. Furthermore, closed social ecosystems start providing powerful tools to track conversions. Since January of this year Facebook conversion measurement for example allows advertisers to measure the ROI of their Facebook ads by counting relevant user actions, such as registrations and shopping cart checkouts, that are driven by people seeing an ads on Facebook.

All of these tracking approaches have in common, that the user actions are transparent from end-to-end. But the reality looks different. Social interaction is way more complex than these approaches suggest and cannot be explained with a simple causal link or stimulus-response model. This is probably the main reason why marketers still struggle to measure social media ROI. Continue Reading →

Some early work

Please find below a selection of early drawings and digital work. Drawings and paintings date back to 1998. First Macromedia Flash work has been done with Flash 4 back in 1999. Continue Reading →

Tightrope walking at Zürifäscht 2013

Captured this interesting moment with Franz Bügler on the tightrope 230 meters above river Limmat. Click here for the details and video of the performance.

Shot with iPhone 4, edited with Snapseed.

Sarasota bird

Littel cheesy, but impressive moment in Oct 2012 in Sarasota.
2012, Acryl on canvas, 100 x 70 cm.
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it’s on!

New Orleans… and all the way down to the Keys

Mobile Reality: Wie mobil vermittelte Medieninhalte Wirklichkeit schaffen

Aus dem Bücherregal: Publikation, in: Beyond Mobile TV, Gerstheimer, O., Heinkel, R., (Hrsg.), noch nicht erschienen, S. 190-218, 2008..

Mit dem Aufkommen von Mobile TV beginnt die mediale Realitätsvermittlung über einen weiteren, noch wenig vertrauten Bildschirm. Dabei bietet das neue Medium gegenüber seinem Pendant in den Massenmedien einen Rückkanal. Diese technologische Innovation und weitere Entwicklungen aus der Welt des Internets erlauben und erfordern es, die herkömmlichen Genres und Formate zu überdenken, neue Inhalte zu entwickeln und dabei die wirklichkeitskonstruierende Wirkung von Mobile TV kritisch zu beobachten. Berücksichtigt werden sowohl die Funktionalitäten des Mobiltelefons als Individualmedium als auch als konvergentes Medium.
Der Frage auf den Grund gehend, wie mobil vermittelte Medieninhalte Wirklichkeit schaffen, werden die sich gegenseitig beeinflussenden Dimensionen Medien (Charakteristik und Inhalte von Mobile TV), Kultur (Umgang der Gesellschaft mit neuen Medien) und Individuen (Erfahrungen und Bedürfnisse der zukünftigen Rezipienten) untersucht.

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Wissen und Kommunikation: Rohstoff und Erfolgsfaktor der Zukunft

Aus dem Bücherregal: Publikation, 29th International Management Symposium at the University of St. Gallen, ISC. St. Gallen 1999.

Neue Märkte, neue Technologien und evolutiv entstandene neue Fertigkeiten, resultierend aus neuen Erkenntnissen und neuen Konzepten, verändern ständig die individuellen Voraussetzungen, mit welchen die Akteure sich im Wettbewerb zu behaupten versuchen. Forscht man im Internet nach Inhalten zum Thema der Konkurrenzanalyse, kann es einem geschehen, dass man im Rahmen einer Einführung in dieses Gebiet mit der Kunst der Kriegführung, einem Werk des chinesischen Militärstrategen Sun Tzu aus der Zeit von etwa 500 vor Christus, vertraut gemacht wird. Stehen die Zeichen im internationalen Wettbewerb durch das sich ständig verändernde Umfeld mehr denn je auf Krieg?

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dolce far niente

speed-vacationing in ticino

Science of Management Consulting

Watch our short film which captures the way our management consultants work with global clients, moving from issue to outcome with certainty to discover, realize and sustain value.

Connecting Digital Strategy with Social Business and Next-Gen Mobility

There are a lot of promising, powerful, yet trendy, digital activities and tactics organisation need to master today. Companies are aware of the fact that social media and mobile are not only signs of the times but rather the answer on basic customer needs that become more and more apparent. The shift to social business is far more than just a channel switch. The social revolution in business is a change in patterns how individuals (peers or B2C) and organisations (B2B, A2A and any combinations) interact.

Obviously, organisations struggle to connect their Digital Strategy with Social Business and Next-Gen Mobility. “Silo thinking” is still a wide-spread sin and digital strategies therfore often are characterized by the parts of the business that were involved creating them.

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